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How Yoga Can Change Your Life

FitReady8 May 2016

Whatever you may be looking for in your workout, yoga has it.

Many individuals start practicing yoga to improve flexibility, increase abdominal strength, or improve their overall health. Through their yoga practice, others find relief for their chronic back pain or persistent stress in their lives.
Perhaps you have just been curious to explore a more mindful movement pattern. Whatever your original reason may be, yoga is a multi-dimensional practice that can improve and expand the body and mind. Yoga will help you to achieve your original goal. Beyond that, yoga can change your life.

Benefits of yoga are felt in a profound and subtle way

If you want to understand what yoga is, you need to experience it for yourself. At first glance, yoga may seem like a sequence of awkward positions and uncomfortable postures. But with practice and dedication, you will experience subtle changes in your life’s approach and your body itself.
Regular yoga practice relaxes the muscles and clears the mind. With a focus on breathing patterns and slow body movements, it gravitates your spirit and soul toward inner peace and calm. In other words, it will guide you toward the essence of yoga: self-realization.
Here are some top benefits from a steady practice:

1. Weight Loss and Stress Relief

Weight loss and stress relief are very much connected. We stress, so we eat more, or we skip our workout. It is a common cycle.
Yoga is a great way to prevent states of stress in both the body and the mind. Through stretching flows, yoga releases tension in the body’s muscles and tissues. With consistent practice, your mind to body connection strengthens. It creates self-control which transfers over into everyday life situations. You understand your body on a deeper level. Your body perception improves, and you understand better what kind of food your body needs and how much. One of the greatest yoga lessons is: “you cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.” You are in control of you. Practicing yoga reinforces this.

2. Increased Energy and Confidence

We spend most of our days trying to multitask. We try to juggle everything, all at once. We are constantly striving for efficiency. If you do not allow time to focus on yourself, it can become exhausting. You may feel pulled in various directions and burnt out. Asanas help you to stimulate energy through your body to face difficulties and adopt a confident attitude. Use yoga to reset. Nothing can stop you when you unleash your inner yogi!

3. Improved Relationships and Sex

A mind that is relaxed, cheerful, and open is more able to deal with a relationship issue. You can tackle conflicts with a less judgemental view and clearer thoughts. Further, exercise is highly renowned for its positive impact on the libido and an individual’s sex life. Yoga is no different! Your love life can only get better with additional confidence and not to mention, improved flexibility.

4. Better Flexibility and Posture

Bad posture is everywhere in our society. From many individuals wearing improper footwear to most of society hunched over a computer day in and day out, posture is a hot topic. These variations of bad posture can lead to back issues and chronic pain. Yoga offers various postural poses and emphasizes proper alignment of the body. It is a great way to tone your muscles and build a strong and flexible body. You will be less susceptible to injuries or pain, and able to live your life to the fullest.

Maximize your potential. Start your yoga journey today.

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