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How to Stay on Track over the Easter Weekend

Krista Bugden27 Mar 2018

With Easter weekend fast approaching, it may be tough to thwart temptation in the form of chocolate and other treats. Family get-togethers can make it difficult to find time to fit in your regular workout routine

However, it is possible to enjoy the Easter weekend, without jeopardizing your fitness. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself from time to time. Afterall, balance is important for living a full and happy life.

To keep yourself in check this Easter and avoid indulging too much, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks to get you through the holiday weekend.

Tip #1: Reserve Easter chocolate for dessert only

It may be tempting to dive right into those Easter treats first thing in the morning. Instead, keep the treats for after your meal. Consume a nutritious breakfast or lunch before reaching for a piece of chocolate. Further, stick to dark chocolate and avoid large amounts of milk chocolate or candy. Dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and can boost brain and heart health.

Tip #2: Find 10-20 minutes each day to workout and counterbalance the holiday feast.

We know finding time over the holiday weekend can be tricky. Fitting in a quick 10-20 minute workout is doable. Before you shower or get ready for Easter dinner, use the FitReady App to squeeze in a quick sweat session before you feast. The app even offers 7-minute workouts that you can fit in anywhere and anytime. Give your metabolism that extra boost each day. Find your me-time and make it work.

Tip #3: Fill more than half your plate with veggies.

Keep your portion control in check. You can still enjoy the turkey, ham, or stuffing, but make sure to fill up on the nutritious stuff first. Vegetables contain a ton of nutrients and are often low in calories. Reserve half your plate for the veggie dishes.

Tip #4: Send your guests home with the leftovers.

If you are hosting Easter dinner this weekend, send your guests home with the leftovers. It will keep temptation far away and allow everyone to have a second round of your holiday dinner. The other option is to make a healthy stew with the leftovers. You can freeze the stew and gradually enjoy it over the next few months.

Tip #5: Enjoy the holidays and have fun with your family.

Do not feel guilty if you do happen to miss a workout or if you happen to indulge a little. Treat yourself once and a while. Everything in moderation. One dessert or giant meal will not hinder your progress. The key is not to make it a regular occurrence.

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Quality time with the family is just as important as your next workout. Find balance in your life, and have a happy and fun Easter weekend.

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